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Heroic Slumber Party

aka boarding...Your hero sleeps over with our human heroic team

  • 24 hours
  • starting at $85
  • Our Home

Service Description

No parents want to leave their hero behind but sometimes it has to happen, so when it does you can feel at ease knowing that they will be cared for by a former Marine Hero and a Healthcare Hero. Your heroic dog will get to go on all pack walks as well as extra outings once the work day is done...not to mention they will get spoiled with lots of cuddles and kisses! Slumber Party Prices: $85 per night **Please be aware price may also vary based on Transportation outside service area, Holiday Rates, Puppy Rates, Extended Hours, Special Requests or needs (specific equipment, activity limitations, behavior management, medications, special diet/food prep...etc) **Extended care rates (as the rates are based on 24 hour time periods, if the end time extends more than 25 hours from the start time, extended care rates apply if agreed upon by your heroic sitter) up to 4 additional hours +$50 (half daycare rate) 4-8 additional hours +$75 (full daycare rate) beyond 8 hours or end of stay after 6pm, will be charged as an additional day at $85

Contact Details


Piedmont, CA 94610, USA

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