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with Costa, Monique and Petey
About Me

Heroic Dog's story started when Costa was in the Marine Corps and worked as a Federal Game Warden on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.  In 2013, his love of working with animals led to his dog walking and training business in Brooklyn, New York.  Costa is pet CPR certified. 

Monique is a former Police and Fire dispatcher, former ER nurse and now a traveling Nurse Practitioner and lifetime dog-lover. She has years of experience caring for animals in their home while the owners were away.

Petey is the good looks of this operation...he's an almost 9 year old sweetheart of a pittie and loves to be anywhere Costa and Monique are!


This heroic trio travels around the country helping humans and dogs alike, currently calling Oakland, California home. 

For your peace of mind and safety, know that all three heroes are fully vaccinated.




Book a Walk
  • Your hero hanging out with other heroes

    1 hr
    starting at $35
  • One-on-one or sibling hero walks and playtime

    30 min
    starting at $30
  • aka Doggie Daycare

    7 hr
    starting at $65
  • Your hero sleeps over with our human heroic team

    24 hr
    starting at $75
  • Caring for your hero in the comfort of your home

    24 hr
    starting at $85
  • All Heroes need to train to be the best they can be!

    1 hr
    starting at $75